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What to expect in your home photo session with Photography for little people by Rebecca

When you book me to photograph your teeny tiny precious newborn I want you to have a feel for me, my style and how the session will run.  When choosing a newborn photographer you want to feel 100% confident in the person who will not just photograph your baby but will safely hold and pose them during your session.  I am a mum of two myself, and my youngest is only 15 months so I remember the newborn phase well.  Newborn training is also vital for anyone working as a newborn photographer.  I have had training with one of the UK’s leading newborn photographer trainers in the art of safely photographing newborns.


I will photograph your baby in the comfort of your own home.  I travel with my mini studio from my home in Lindfield, Haywards Heath across West Sussex.  This means that mummy and baby will be much more relaxed than if you have to travel to a studio.

To make sure baby is kept nice and comfortable throughout the session I will set up a small area in your home where the temperature can be controlled.  It would be helpful if you could make sure the room is lovely and warm for when I arrive.  We will be aiming for some nude pictures so if you could make the house is heated to around 28 degrees that will keep baby warm and nice and sleepy.

If you could feed baby just before I arrive for your session that will help little one be nice and settled before we start.  Don’t worry if we need to stop and feed during your shoot, we will work at your baby’s pace.


I have plenty of gorgeous props for you to choose from which I will bring with me, but if you have a special item you would like to incorporate in your shoot, I would love for you to let me know.

Use of mobile phones to take photos during your home session is not permitted under any circumstances.  I work very hard to create beautiful images for you and want them represented through high quality edited photos, not grainy mobile images.

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Many families use their newborn session as a chance to get their first family photo, which is very special.  For family photos, natural colours and tones always photograph well.  Please avoid logos and patterns on shirts. It is also an idea to pop baby in a onesie with no vest on. This will make it easier to undress them when they are sleepy before we start your session.

Once baby is fed and calm I will take baby (mummy’s chance to sit back and relax) and settle baby on my posing beanbag.  Once baby is in a lovely deep sleep I can start to work my magic with my camera.  I will capture your beautiful newborn baby from different angles, their eyes, their nose, their rosebud lips, the wrinkles down their back, right down to their tiny toes.  Whilst baby is sleeping I will gently move baby into other positions.  I am fully trained in the art of newborn safety, so you can be confident your new baby will be comfortable, warm and safe through out.

Remember you get to sit back, relax and let me take responsibility for creating beautiful timeless images of your precious newborn that you then get to enjoy for a lifetime.


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Photography for Little People by Rebecca

Rebecca is a fully trained photographer who specialises in maternity, newborn and family photography.  She lives in Lindfield, Haywards Heath, West Sussex.

Rebecca is mobile and will bring her studio to you and will travel across West Sussex to Horsham, East Grinstead, Crawley, Reigate, Redhill, Pulborough and all the lovely villages in between.

Offering mobile photography means a relaxing photo shoot in your own home.