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What to expect during your newborn photoshoot


Congratulations on the impending arrival of your new baby and thank you for choosing Photography for little People by Melanie to capture this incredibly special time in your lives. To capture those early days it is recommended you book your due date in with me following your 20 week scan as appointments can be booked up months in advance.

Your session will take place in my beautiful studio in Chester le Street, Durham.

I recommend you wear cool and comfortable clothing, as the studio will be nice and warm for your little baby. I love it when parents wish to be included in family images. Its important to exist in photos, I am a firm believer in this! Neutral colours and tones always photograph well and please avoid logos and patterns on shirts, however for timeless classic images skin on skin always looks best. For mum, a vest top where we can pull your straps down and for dad top off. Just in case there are any small accidents bringing an extra set of clothes is a good idea – for baby and yourselves! It is also an idea to pop baby in a baby grow with no vest on, this will make it easier to undress them when they are sleepy before we start your session.

I like to allow plenty of time for feeding and cuddling during your photo shoot.

I have plenty of props for you to choose from although I do like to keep images timeless and all about your baby and your family, not just props. If you have a special item you would like to incorporate in your shoot, I would love you to bring it along. Something that has real meaning to your family. Recently I had a family who brought mums christening shawl in and we used that as a background to shoot baby on.

You can expect a memorable experience full of laughter and sometimes tears. I’d love to hear all about your birth story.. We will see your little one’s character shine through as I move them into position. They will either love to be soothed and pampered or put up a little fight wanting hands or feet to be in the wrong places. If I say black they say white.   My eldest was like this from day one!

I look forward to welcoming you and your family to my Chester le Street photography studio, Durham. It is a privilege capturing moments that your family will treasure for a life time.

Melanie x

Photography for Little People by Melanie is a professional photography studio in Chester le Street, Durham specialising in newborn photography.

With over 11 years of experience, Melanie Armstrong is also one of the leading photography trainers within the UK specifically for Photography for Little People.