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Settling a newborn baby for their photoshoot

newborn-baby-family-mobile-photographer-beccles-norwich-ipswichA question I often get asked is ‘what happens if my baby won’t settle and you can’t capture the sleepy poses I would like?’. Rest assured, I am trained and experienced in settling a newborn baby.

  1. Before your photoshoot, I will send you a pack to explain what to expect. This includes ensuring the room we are to use is lovely and warm, ideally 80-85 degrees. This will ensure little one is cosy throughout the photoshoot.
  2. I will ask you to feed baby just before my arrival as a full tummy means a sleepy and comfortable baby. However, this is not always possible so please don’t worry.  Baby leads each session.  I do one photoshoot a day so there’s no need to rush or to feel under pressure.
  3. My style is simple, aimed to be timeless and this also helps ensure your baby is settled as the poses are designed to flow and minimise the amount your precious bundle is moved.
  4. My training and experience means I can recognise if a baby is uncomfortable perhaps due to wind or illness. If we decide to stop the photoshoot, then this is nothing to worry about.  If we need to reschedule then this is always an option.

It is not unheard of for my clients to fall asleep during the photoshoot.  Some just enjoy the chance for a coffee or tea that’s hot.  Some love to sit back and watch.  Others love to take part and help with moving blankets etc.  This is all fabulous as each session is different and, above all, I love to ensure you get chance to relax and watch the beautiful baby you’ve created.

Julia Duncan, Photography for Little People by Julia

Mobile maternity, newborn, baby and family photographer across Suffolk and Norfolk (Ipswich, Norwich, Beccles, Bury St Edmunds, Lowestoft & surrounding areas).  Newborn photoshoots in the comfort of your own home.  Older children and family photoshoots available in your home, at my Beccles home studio or on location.

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