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When choosing your newborn photographer…

Working as a newborn and family photographer, I feel very privileged to photograph, and cuddle, lots of gorgeous newborn babies as part of my job.  As a mum to four of my own little people, I am of course very used to handling babies, and children!

People sometimes worry about the safety of posing such new babies, often only a few days new.  The safety of your newborn baby or child is always the first priority in any photoshoot.  Newborn posing is a skill that is taught…. when choosing who you trust to photograph your new bundle, please ensure your photographer is a specialist in the field.

At Photography for Little People, detailed training in the art of newborn posing and safety is undertaken and regularly updated.

Posing newborns safely

  • Babies have spent months in the womb all curled up in a cramped space… which is why we like to pose in the first few weeks when they are still happy to be positioned.  Of course, we need to be careful…

-New babies have no head and neck control, so they need to be protected and supported always. It is crucial that your photographer ensures someone always has a hand supporting their head.

– Photographs often give the illusion that your baby is supporting its own head – this should not be the case. A hand or finger should always be used to hold baby’s head when being photographed, and cloned out later in editing.

– You will have seen pictures of babies in props, for example, a bucket… these shots are completely fine, as long as the baby is in a position which is comfortable, and their head and neck are supported at all times- even if it may appear that baby has good control, newborns should be supported in case they suddenly jolt.  It is also important to ensure that baby is protected from any hard edges on the prop, by padding.

– many images are not what they seem – for example the sling shot – this baby was not really suspended in the air in a sling, but lying safely on a beanbag!

– Your baby should never be left alone on a beanbag, in a prop or with a young sibling.

– Forceful movements should not be used to pose the baby. They should be gently adjusted to where they are comfortable.

– Your baby’s safety is always the priority… If your baby appears to be in discomfort, the posing should stop and baby moved to a different position. Not all babies will be happy in all positions.


  • When your baby is posed naked, it is important that they are kept warm, as babies find it difficult to regulate their temperature.  They are used to the heat of being inside the womb…. So if we can replicate that, then baby is more likely to be relaxed and sleepy which of course makes posing easier!  I often use a small fan heater for this reason to ensure baby’s comfort.

Newborn baby’s cord

  • As I often photograph babies who are less than a week old, they sometimes still have their cord on. There is no feeling in the cord that is left, so it’s ok to wrap them or put clothes on them. It won’t be painful.  If the area does appear sensitive, then extra care will be taken when posing or wrapping baby to ensure that the cord is not caught when removing wraps etc.


  • Babies are more susceptible to infections at a young age when they have less immunity. Therefore, care should be taken with hand hygiene (hand washing and sanitising) to reduce any risk to your baby.
  • All props, blankets, wraps and clothes are washed between clients- regardless of whether they have been soiled!… You can never be too careful.

So please remember when booking your newborn photoshoot – whoever you choose – your photographer should be fully trained in the art of newborn safety; baby should never be made to feel uncomfortable, and certainly never posed in a way which could be dangerous to them – or in a way which you feel uncomfortable with.

I look forward to meeting you and your family for your photoshoot in the comfort of your home. I love capturing moments that your family will treasure for a lifetime.

Jo x

Photography for Little People by Jo is a professional mobile photography studio in the North East, covering Newcastle, Tyneside, Gateshead and Northumberland, specialising in maternity, newborn and baby photography.