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Photography for Little People by Gareth – Introduction

I’m Gareth and I am one of the latest franchisees to join Photography for Little People, based in the sunny, seaside city that is Brighton.  I thought as a little introduction, it would be good to share some info about myself so you can get to know the man behind the camera.

  1. I live with my wife Hannah and my son Elwood. I’m a massive fan of 80s movies and Elwood’s name is influenced by the brilliant Blues Brother’s movie.
  2. I would love to say I am regular runner but I’m not… but I do love a challenge and have so far completed a 10k, a half marathon and the Brighton marathon. I have my eye on more marathons and maybe even a triathlon in the future.
  3. I once featured in the Guinness Book of World Records after taking part in a Children in Need tap-dancing world record. I even appeared on TV for my dancing efforts! This does not mean I can tap-dance.
  4. I travelled across India in just 3 weeks driving a motorised tuk-tuk as part of The Rickshaw Run challenge. We were even featured in several local Indian newspapers, as they were so amazed by our adventure.
  5. I drove over 10,000 miles from London to Mongolia in a 1 litre Polo, in just 5 weeks. This was as part of The Mongol Rally, where we raised over £2000 for charity.
  6. I have jumped out of a plane and would love to do it again.
  7. I have climbed Ben Nevis and have my eye on doing the 3 peaks challenge.
  8. My Grandpa won an Oscar and a BAFTA for visual effects on the original Superman movie. He is one of the reasons I’m so enthusiastic about taking pictures and is probably where I get my adventurous streak from, as he was also a stills photographer for the RAF in the Second World War.
  9. I love a music festival and have been to Glastonbury 10 times, I can’t wait to make memories with Elwood in muddy fields in the future.
  10. I love taking pictures. After winning 2 photography competitions at my previous job, it gave me the confidence to join Photography for Little People and pursue my passion for photography as a career.

So there are a few facts about me. If you are interested in arranging your free newborn, family or maternity photo-shoot with me, do get in touch for further information. I will look forward to meeting you and getting to know you too.