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What are the costs involved with newborn photography?

In the world of newborn or family photography you will find a spectrum of prices. That is true here in Haywards Heath, West Sussex.  From ‘shoot and burn’ who will offer you a quick photo shoot and lots of images to the very high-end studios where you will part with a few thousand pounds. Then of course there are lots in between.

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When handing over your newborn baby to someone you have likely only met once surely cost is only one part of consideration? Assuming you’ll chose a photographer whose style you like let’s look at what you ‘should’ be paying for when booking a newborn session…


  • I have been trained in the art of newborn safety. I know how to safely pose your baby, settle them and keep your precious baby safe. Many photos you see are trick shots or composites – you need to know this to create them safely or. The sling shot, for example, does not involve baby being suspended mid-air.  Please check the training your photographer has had.


  • I have an enhanced DBS certificate. So, when you welcome me into your home you can be confident I pose no risk to you or your family.


  • Being trained means I know how to work safely but for those rare eventualities, I have £5m professional liability insurance.  This should give you peace of mind.

Quality equipment

  • I shoot with a Canon 5D Canon MarkIII camera guaranteeing you high-quality sharp images. I also have beautiful props and posing cushions to keep baby safe and looking gorgeous.

Professional printing and framing

  • All your photos are printed at a professional lab guaranteeing a high-quality finish with vibrant colours that won’t fade. Beautiful bespoke frames and canvases are made especially for you. After investing in the photographer, it makes sense to invest in the final product.

Obviously not all photographers will fall within your budget, but I hope the above gives you the knowledge to make a decision that will keep your baby safe and give you images that you will treasure forever.

How do I operate at Photography for Little People by Rebecca?  A little differently since you asked! I am mobile and will travel across West Sussex from my home in Lindfield and into Surrey and Kent to your home.  I choose not to charge a sitting fee unlike other photographers as I believe my images should speak for themselves. As a parent myself I don’t want to have a reputation for a hard sell, I want you to enjoy your experience with me in your home and purchase whatever you choose for your home.

All photo products/images are purchased afterwards, and I will help you to choose from your photos and to select products that will best suit your home and lifestyle.

If you would like to have a no obligation chat to see if I am right for you then please drop me a message.  I also offer maternity photography, older baby photography as well as family photography.

Love Rebecca x

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Rebecca is a fully trained photographer who specialises in maternity, newborn and family photography.  She lives in Lindfield, Haywards Heath, West Sussex.

Rebecca is mobile and will bring her studio to you and will travel across West Sussex to Horsham, East Grinstead, Crawley, Reigate, Redhill, Pulborough and all the lovely villages in between.

Offering mobile photography means a relaxing photo shoot in your own home.