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5 tips to getting the best out of your maternity photos

Maternity-photo-bump-photoshoot-photography-for-little-people-by-rebecca-haywards-heath-west-sussexIf you are like me, you love looking at maternity photos of other pregnant mums and think, wow, if only I could look like that.  We all remember Demi Moore right?  There are a few tips and tricks to make you feel comfortable and really celebrate the little person you are growing inside.

  1. Timing is everything – too early and we just look a little chubby, too late and the bump is likely to have a postcode of its own!  Around 32-36 weeks is a lovely time as the bump has most definitely popped.  It is nice and round but isn’t too heavy.
  2. You are just part of the picture.  If you are taking them yourself, or rather your partner or friend is, think about the whole photo.  A clutter free background with your favourite throw for some colour, or head outside to your garden, a park or the beach.  Leaning up against a tree always looks beautiful.
  3. Harsh light is no-ones friend! So turn off the flash and time it so you get some beautiful natural light.  Early morning or late afternoon gives lovely warmth to photos.
  4. Hero your bump!  Ditch the maternity clothes and choose something nice and tight that will show off your bump.  Plain bold colours look best in photos and stop them looking dated in a few years time.
  5. Find a photographer you feel comfortable with – whether a professional or a good friend.  This is a good idea if you want your partner to be in the photos too.  There are many lovely creative angles to celebrate your bump but also capture the excitement you and your partner are feeling towards your imminent arrival.

Once you have your maternity photoshoot done and beautiful images of your bump, you can start to cast your mind forward to when you have your newborn baby in your arms.

If you do choose to have a professional photoshoot for your maternity photos, it is best to book as soon as possible after your twenty week scan to guarantee your photographer is free in those ideal weeks.  This is also true for your newborn photo shoot as the best newborn photographers will be booked up weeks if not months in advance and you don’t want to miss the window of days 3-10 new.  This guarantees you will get those gorgeous, sleepy, curled up newborn poses.


Written by Rebecca Downie – Photography for Little People by Rebecca

Rebecca is a fully trained photographer who specialises in maternity, newborn and family photography.  She lives in Lindfield, Haywards Heath, West Sussex.  Rebecca is mobile and will bring her studio to you and will travel across West Sussex to Horsham, East Grinstead, Crawley, Reigate, Redhill, Pulborough and all the lovely villages in between.  Offering mobile photography means a relaxing photoshoot in your own home in those precious first couple of weeks after baby arrives.